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Big Game: November 6th


The World Series ended last night. My team, my local team, won it. Those scrappy young determined men, led by their rookie manager Alex Cora, took the series by storm (4-1). They developed a community of players that professed their love and trust for one another. They created rituals to congratulate players coming back after scoring a homerun. A scoring player could expect his teammates to gently remove the helmet off their head, as they came back to the dugout. The new found traditions bringing them all closer, making their team unbeatable.

     Then there were the fans. These Sox fans, staying up till 3:30 am, to watch all 18 innings of Game 3; now recorded as the longest game in World Series history. My husband, worked a full day after that and was ready for the next game. Great baseball, an American pastime.

But sorry, I couldn’t help but think, as I saw those shouting fans, sometimes cheering, sometimes silently holding each other in an unspoken bond, what would our country be like if we had this passion for civic duty?

    What if we all embraced our constitution as rules of a game that we needed to defend? It is. What if we all used the image of Lady Liberty on every sweatshirt or travel mug we owned? Her arm outstretched holding up the torch, it’s flame a beacon to the world. A beacon to immigrants, like her poem reads. Could we fill stadiums for a new team? A team of bipartisan ACLU members being adored by citizens for their relentless defense of our constitutional rights, regardless of their own beliefs. Every fan feeling like they have the power to MAKE SOME NOOOISSSSE.

I wandered a bit, as I watched this great Red Sox team win it. They deserve the win. I am happy for us. Yay Boston. I love that dirty water, not so much in Michigan, though. In these times of dueling “truths” and despicable leadership, our country needs to channel some of that dedicated passion to our constitution. We need to fill stadiums to fight voter suppression, to stand with the poor and give every person an equal voice across this country.

Here comes Tuesday, November 6th. The big game. You can go into the booth and vote for a more humane country. We can play in this game. We must play in order to win. Your vote is your duty to our team. Our team training continues on November 7th. Get involved locally. Put me in coach, I am ready to play.

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1 Comment

Beth Viehmann
Beth Viehmann
Oct 30, 2018

You write so beautifully about the Sox and voting!

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