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Malignant Dogma

Today is Earth Day. Yesterday, on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka terrorists attacked

and murdered hundreds of people in a house of worship. I am sharing this poem

I wrote long ago about the absurdity of religious wars and other acts of violence in the name of a god. We are all on this planet. This wonderful planet Earth that gives and gives, while we ignore it's health. Imagine if we all came together to understand that this little planet is OUR home. A home we need to honor and adore. Imagine if preserving our natural resources for generations to come was part of each and every religion.

Malignant Dogma

by Kerry Zagarella

Don’t look to the sky for answers Mount Olympus is crowded with questions the entire collection of gods crying doubled over in sorrow asking themselves the eternal, ”Where did I go wrong?” Their holier than thou competition is over Christian God, pulls on his long majestic white beard

begging another God to be put before him, recanting the words “dust to dust” The martyrs are driving everyone crazy Jesus is still hanging with the hookers and Junkies, he has aged Allah fumbles through the Koran, unable to find the proper words and Buddha eats and eats, but still no smile

Mother Earth is pissed she warned her egotistical sons about pride and free will All done with the I told you so She feels as if they follow her around and around messin’up her place

They built walls to bow to, when she gave them mountains They sacrificed trees to kneel on for prayer, when she had padded the forest floor

with scattered mosses, plush carpets of fallen pine They went inside, when she gave them outside They blessed water and wafer with their backs towards the seas They saved the unborn to execute later

They knew now, slumped in their assigned thrones quaking with misery examining each others dogma like a malignant tumor They knew now, to listen to their mother

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