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The future looks bright!

Young folks are natural Joybullies. They might be called idealists, but we call them realists. Our small planet is a big village twirling around a star. We must work together; use more of that grey matter for love. Thank you to Ophelia Sidmore for sharing her research article with the Joybullies.

Refugees by the numbers (and how we can should reduce them.)

by Ophelia Sidmore

    Out of the 7.5 billion human beings on earth, 65.6 million are forcibly displaced, and 22.5 million are refugees. Only 189,300 are resettled. Those numbers need to change! I would like to reduce this number by setting up a less inquiring background check, so that more refugees could come into the United States. I think by doing this we could open our arms to more refugees, and make the U.S. more welcoming as an opportunity for refugees who need a safe place. Also, we need to believe that refugees are refugees and not traitors. Yes, I understand that we have suspicion, but I think we should recognize refugees for who they are, not who we think they are.

Have you ever walked in a refugees's shoes, or possibly bare feet, when gunfire rings all around? Have you ever put your children on a leaky boat headed for a county you might not reach? Have you ever made it, been filled with joy, and then get turned down because someone doesn't think your fear is real? The answer for most of us is no. And so how would you know if their fear is real or not? How? You don't. So stop making fake assumptions based on what you think. Use your brain and your heart, and then some more.

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